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4 Ways to Cut Energy Costs at Park Square

August 22, 2018

With vacations and attempts at staying cool, summertime expenses can add up. Save a little this summer by cutting energy costs at Park Square. These tips and tricks can help you take control of your energy bills.


Avoid Wasting Kilowatts

Park Square makes it convenient to be plugged in throughout your home. But one of the big offenders of energy consumption is electronics. Power strips make it easy to plug multiple cords into one outlet. They also make it easy to turn off and on. When you’re not using your electronics unplug them or simply turn your power strip off. This can be especially helpful for your energy bill while you’re on vacation or away from your Park Square home.  


Keep the Heat Out

Your six foot windows in your Park Square home are perfect for letting in natural light. Use your window privacy blinds or curtains to let the light in and the heat out. Other ways to avoid additional heat in your home is to limit your use of electronics that create heat. Choose to air dry your clothing when doing laundry. And limit your oven use. Try meal prepping to get the most use from heating your oven. Or take advantage of Park Square’s outdoor grilling stations.


Choose Cold Water

Cold water is refreshing in the summer and can reduce your energy use. When using your full-size washer, try using cold water and wash in full loads when possible. When bathing, use cold water and limit your bathing time. If you want to cut down on water use, choose a shower over a bath in your Park Square home.


Program Your Thermostat

Park Square offers programmable thermostats that can help you cut energy costs. This means you can program your thermostat to change at different times during the day. Program your thermostat to be warmer when you’re away and cooler when you’re home. This way you’re saving energy when possible and staying comfortable.


Cutting energy costs at Park Square can be simple with these tips and tricks. The features and amenities at Park Square can help you live comfortably and save a little on your energy costs. We hope you give them a try and see a difference.


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